A stunning collection of works by one of Australia’s most loved and celebrated artists, Charles Blackman. Born in Sydney in 1928, Blackman gained international recognition for his early  series Schoolgirl and Alice in Wonderland. After moving to Melbourne in the 1940’s Blackman became involved with the Heide circle, gaining the support of John and Sunday Reed and later forming the Antipodeans alongside several of his contemporaries, including John Brack, Arthur Boyd and Clifton Pugh. Noted for its engagement with beauty, imagination and innocence, Blackman’s long and distinguished career position him as one of Australia’s greatest living artists, and a true national treasure.

Though most often working with paint, the works in this collection exemplify Blackman’s extensive practice in printmaking, and illustrate his mastery of this medium. This wonderful exhibition of Blackman’s graphics is an excellent way to enhance your collection of Australian art.

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 Charles Blackman Alice Foot