There’s nothing ‘garden variety’ about Fabrice Bigot’s still-life flowers at Angela Tandori Fine Art, which are both intimate and intense.


Acclaimed French-Australian photographer Fabrice Bigot’s latest series breathes new life into the still-life. Made up of fifteen up-close portraits of flowers, with each just an edition of three Untitled: Alive and Utterly Still unearths and toys with our desire to pin down beauty.


Bigot spent months obsessing over flowers. He wandered the streets of Melbourne, snipping botanics and figuring out how best to display their form. The answer he discovered, was close-cropped in his studio, under meticulous staging. This effect is twofold - on one hand, the flower is laid bare. On the other, surrounded by velveteen black “the viewer almost forgets what they’re looking at”. Bigot sees this as the crux of still-life - part alive, part abstracted into eternity.


In his successful previous series Naked Garden, Bigot considered the strangeness of beauty, in Untitled: Alive and Utterly Still he thinks about its fragility. He offers us emblems of nature and beauty in state that inevitably recalls decay and artifice. Untitled: Alive and Utterly Still -  floral still-life like no other, is available online at Angela Tandori Fine Art.


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