In the lush suburbia of Melbourne’s suburb of Kew sits a remarkable gallery. Instead of shutting down at 5pm Lyon Housemuseum stays awake, but not as a gallery, as a home. Dreamed up by architect and collector Corbett Lyon, the gallery houses himself, his wife and their two daughters. In more ways than one, Lyon has announced something brave – art is vital to living. And it’s true. From expanding space to commemorating life, the benefits of living with art are vast. Here’s why we think home is where the art is.

Transforming Space

Art can solve your interior troubles: need more light or space in a room? Done! Natural landscapes can act as a virtual portal into lush greenery for rooms stuck in cityscapes, while images of the ocean can recall the sea for those unable to hear the waves.

Curated thoughtfully a work of art can also expand space. Works that make use of receding space can create ballooning depth, while minimalist art cleverly uses empty space to create more space.


Patricia Piccinini, 'Stem Cell' 

Invest in your Home

Investing in art for the home does more than fill walls, it creates meaning. As families grow up around a work of art, it comes to embody their lives. As these objects pass through generations, this lineage expands and strengthens taking on a life of its own.

As inherently interesting, art also starts the dinner conversation that a pot plant or plasma can’t. You can tell your own story by commissioning a work of art, diving into Australian art history or the life of an artist. 


Philippe Le Miere, 'Big Bird goes back to the Sesame Street'

Peace of Mind

As an architect, Lyon knows the relationship between space and well-being intimately. It’s no wonder then, that he’s infused his home with art. As we work longer and commute further, the walls we sleep between have become a space for respite, rejuvenation and self expression. And a big part is filling blank walls. Why not make your favourite space to be, at home?


Jasper Knight, 'The Harvey House'

Art can not only harmonize, but also vitalize homes. Houses get knocked down, money is spent and fridges get sold but art persists across generations. Discover how art can transform space and create your family’s story today.