Tyrannosaurus Rex and Tyrannosaurus Jean

Jived Jurassic Parkway scene

Cro­Magnon man doth all impale

Creature Features love fur sale

Digging those CRAZY cave dwellers

Starring Raquel Welch and Peter Sellers

Adam and Eve went ‘Bogo Pogo’

Then gave us all the ‘Apple’ logo

Tarzan and Jane are doing fine

Swinging on their jungle vine

Ginger and Fred Rumba resplendent

But now we all dance independent

Modern love washed pure and clean

Normal cycle on Whirlpool machine

Before the priest a couple bow

Recite by parrot wedded vow

Lives entwined in wedded bliss

Dispersed by intermittent kiss

Think about love while sipping tea

Fortune shone a light on me

Melting moments spice the day

YOU....are why I feel this way

Auguste Blackman 19.10.2014