Angela Tandori Fine Art began life in 2001 as an auction house that roved coastal Noosa in North Queensland, inland to Canberra and down to Lorne in Victoria. Since then, we have held court at a mansion in Prahran, exhibited at our white cube gallery in East Melbourne, worked from a showroom in Collingwood until going completely online with our digital platform. Despite shifting form - from an auction house to a gallery and then into an online art platform - the core of our business has held fast: connecting collectors with fine art they’ll value. 


From left: Alinta, Angela and artist, Christopher Rimmer with his work 'Sign of Life 2015'. 

Our Business 

We’ve always dealt in fine art, but the art itself has always changed. Works from different artists, periods and places reach the shores of our collection continuously. There could be something figurative, photographic, colonial or contemporary.

This eclectic impulse harks back to our first days in the auction house, where collector’s discovered their favourite works nestled like treasure in vast catalogues. Rather than try to impose art on our audience, we work to connect collectors with art they are intuitively drawn to. 

In 2019, Angela was elected President of the Art Consulting Association of Association, further cementing her passion for helping collectors to fulfill their visions. She has worked on consulting projects for collectors of all kinds, helped businesses and individuals value their collections and connected art lovers with unique fine art commissions.

Why we do Business   

Angela still believes wholeheartedly in the power of art to stimulate minds, hearts and culture. We see art as freedom of expression, for not just artists but for collectors.  

One of the best things to emerge from our twenty years is knowing that art still surprises us. Our attitude towards fine art is and always will be, for the collector. We’re still betting on the power of art.