Philippe Le Miere gives us his Artist Statement for his recent exhibition 'Clickbait' at the Saatchi Other Art Fair: 

Everyday we negotiate between conformity and creativity, wading through monotony to find moments of inspiration. Like you, I scrolled through never-ending feeds of film, imagery, music and politics… finding myself drowning in the millions of search results for “art”. That was until I rethought the data.

I have always been interested in the unconscious. For years I focused on dreams, recording and analysing the coded stories of my unconscious mind. Now, I find myself fixated with the collective unconscious, asking - what does my culture dream of? And big data, as a log of what we quietly click on, is my access point.

Like dreams themselves, my subjects are never straight-forward. I watch the light change on the digital landscape, then merge the most striking moments into surreal pop-culture dreamscapes. Accordingly, my titles gleam the most searchable hashtags and splay them out like mind maps of meaning.

In​​ ​​my​​ ​​paintings,​​ ​​there​​ ​​is​​ ​​a​​ ​​union​​ ​​between​​ ​​‘high’​​ ​​and​​ ​​‘low’​​ ​​culture. On the one side, subject matter is derived from conformity, while on the other, these icons are rendered unique. This​​ ​​marks​​ ​​the​​ ​​soul​​ ​​of​​ ​​my​​ ​​work.​​ ​​Forging​​ ​​an​​ ​​original​​ ​​voice​​ ​​using​ ​images​​ ​​that​​ ​​seem​​ ​​devoid​​ ​​of​ uniqueness, daring us to be different.

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