June 2016

Rabbit Hole Redux:  Auguste Blackman gives Alice in Wonderland to a New Generation of Art Collectors. 

Winter 2016 sees Angela Tandori Fine Art Online launch ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ -  a collection of original paintings by Auguste Blackman starring Alice in Wonderland reborn.


Alice in Wonderland
has turned 150, and the celebrated tale by writer Lewis Carroll continues to transfix audiences. It’s star, the ever curious Alice, is both a darling of our childhoods and a celebrated icon of Australian art. First brought to our attention by famed Australian artist Charles Blackman, this new collection of Alice-themed works by Auguste Blackman is a redux that places our vivacious Alice in a new, contemporary light.

Auguste Blackman is the gifted eldest son of celebrated Australian artist Charles Blackman and his talented wife, writer Barbara Blackman. The romantic and creative partnership between Auguste’s parents is legendary. Together they brought the powerfully reimagined Alice in Wonderland series into the visual lexicon of Australian modern art, and these works continue to stand the test of time. Unfortunately, the Blackman’s marriage did not fare so well, as Charles’ descent into alcoholism saw Auguste’s family come apart.

As a child Auguste grew up alongside Alice in his father’s studio, and naturally he became intimately familiar with her perchance for time travel and misadventure. Sons following in their father’s footsteps is not a new phenomenon, and ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ continues to breathe life into the Blackman’s legacy in Australian art. In this collection we have Alice in the hands of a different generation, carrying family ties and Australia’s love of her with fresh blood. Full of beautiful yet accessible moments, Auguste Blackman invites a new generation to discover the spirit and imagination of the eternally young Alice.

Alice in Wonderland is the story of a girl finding her way home. Similarly, ‘Curiouser and Curiouser’ sees the artist navigate the landscape of his family history with an emotional depth and colour. It is reflective of a deeply nurtured belief in the transformative power of the imagination, handed down from the generations before him and generously and gloriously gifted back to us.

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