“Serious collectors that I know are focused on the art. They are not looking for a decorative item, or a good investment. There is some aspect of the work itself that has hooked them.” 

– Eleanor Blair

For collectors, art does not more than fill walls; it creates meaning and connection. From a way to pass on family values to a force for good, collectors recognize the intense, shifting value of art. This is why we collect art. 

Make connections

Like tree roots running beneath a forest, art charts surprising and far reaching connections. Through collecting, people can access different historical movements, countries and perspectives. By sharing this collection with friends and family, more meaningful connections are made and by uncovering the art that speaks to them, collectors connect to themselves.


Charles Blackman, 'The Meeting'


Tell your story

Collecting art is a celebration of life. As expressions of human experience, art opens up the space between ourselves and the world. In this dialogue, collectors often find themselves telling their own stories, be they about a particular work, how they came to own it or why they love it. At the close of their lives, it's these stories that winds up telling the story of their owner.


David Larwill, 'Frenzy'


Do your part

Whether interested in old art, new art or both, collectors take pride in being cultural custodians. As fundamental pillars in the world of art, they not only support artists, they help care for and protect their creations. When a collector does part with a work, it can accumulate new value as someone else’s treasured find. The life of art may begin but it never ends with the artist.   

Collecting art can enrich your life. As a way to connect with yourself and the world, it deepens shared bonds and helps bridge gaps in understanding. But tell us, why do you collect art?