The relationship between a collector and their art professional is special. Often cultivated over years, collectors entrust their chosen expert with some of the most meaningful purchases they will ever make. What might not be so widely known, is that the trust goes both ways. Treat your art expert with respect and they will reciprocate, devising payment solutions uniquely tailored to you. 

Devoted collectors know this, managing their passion for art with tailored payment plans. So lean in, shhh, here’s the best kept secret among collectors.

Mirka Mora, 'Girl and Love Chair'


Art on a drip

Why settle for a pastiche of your heart’s desire? With a payment plan, you can responsibly afford art that excites you. You can also sow more seeds. Collectors often have multiple works on plans, chipping away at the collection of their dreams.


Christopher Rimmer, 'Sign of Life 11'


Payment plans also don't have to be reserved for ‘big’ purchases. Instead, as the adage goes, an art collection is built brick by brick – no matter how ‘big’ or ‘small’ those bricks may be. With tailored payment plans, collecting can remain a year-round, fuss-free and affordable pursuit.


Charles Blackman, 'Barbara'


Here’s another secret – art experts love art lovers. Bound by a passion for cultural custodianship, the bond shared between a collector and their chosen professional is one of mutual admiration. We for example, relish seeing collectors access art that actually moves them. It’s a genuine pleasure.  

This year, we connected a collector in Canada with a painting by Italian artist Pietro Annigoni. The link was fortified with a unique payment plan, allowing the collector to bask in Annigoni’s talent sans stress.  


Meet Kathy and Matteo, dedicated connoissuers and curators of the renowned Italian artist Pietro Annigoni. Their journey through our platform led them to serendipitously acquire a precious drawing - originally gifted to the artist's close friend, Melbourne collector Mary Lipshut.  

When another Annigoni drawing surfaced, we felt it was destined for out Canadian collectors. The art was a perfect match, but the timing wasn't. We devised a secure six-month layby plan, allowing Kathy and Matteo to gradually add this exquisite drawing to their collection. 

This week, we celebrate as the drawing arrives at its new home, thousands of miles away. Kathy and Matteo graciously shared photographs, showcasing these cherished works of art adorning their abode on the other side of the world. 

When the work arrived, she told us;

"I wanted to tell you we got the Annigoni yesterday and it is magnificent! ... Thanks again for making this such a smooth transaction and bringing a LOT of joy into our home"


So, whatever your needs are, get in contact to discuss the payment solution to suit you.