What’s in a colour?  According to Sydney Ball, more than you can imagine.  A pioneer of abstract art in Australia, Ball spent his fruitful career at the frontier of the avant-garde.  His swathes of pure hues, like gusts of fresh air are available at Angela Tandori Fine Art.  With a range of bold prints, this collection recalls an artist who continues to inspire contemporary Australian artists.  

The turning point for Ball hit in 1963.  While other Australian artists were travelling Europe or joining local art schools, Ball decided to move to New York.  It was here that he met Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and renowned art critic Clement Greenberg.  Struck by their unflinching embrace of medium over form, Ball set about forging his own artistic legacy.

Throughout his career, Ball tried many styles including Hard-edge Abstraction, Colour Field and Lyrical Abstraction.  While his profile faded in the 1990s, the then elderly man made a triumphant resurgence in the 2000s - cementing his eternal instinct for the cutting edge.

Represented in all major public collections, Ball is one of coolest (and most collectible) artists in Australia.  Just listen to fellow artist James Gleeson, who once described Ball’s work as “a kind of shock therapy… what appeared at first to be cool and mechanical paintings have in fact wrought a kind of miracle”.

See our collection of fantastic screen prints by Sydney Ball here.  

Below: Cantos IX, original screenprint, edition of 30