These painted women wear the scars of life from the lines of life drawings that appear like a magic map of the trails they have endured. 

Like Picasso and Matisse and Warhol, iconic heads of women are strong and face the world in all its facets. Especially during this Covid pandemic.

I have many works on good paper from my life drawing classes. I decided to paint over a few to see what happened. I was surprised by the faces that emerged and was buoyed to continue. 

The map of existing line work determines where the brush flows in the ongoing energy of these works. Many are simply determined by the fate of the artist in the studio at work. My father Charles confided ‘just keep working and persevere until something takes hold...’  

Take the home front for instance. What is a home without a woman to make a cohesive family? It is her love in all things.

As we all triumph forward the world will only succeed with women at the helm.

Against all odds she will prevail.


Auguste Blackman - 'Face in Colours'


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