Auguste Blackman 'Dystopian'

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From Auguste Blackman’s imagination to your collection, this work is the fruit of boundless creativity. It toys with the boundary between civilized and uncivilized, where whimsy and threat collide in a kaleidoscope of colour.

Like a matured ‘Where The Wild Things Are’, Dystopian is delightful yet somehow sobered, keenly aware that on either side of pandemonium is existence in all its complexities. In Auguste’s universe, even the fantastical strive for connection.

The decision to release Dystopian was inspired by Auguste’s mother Barbara Blackman, who prophetically told her son “2020 will be a year full of surprises”. Auguste is also the son of icon of Australian art, Charles Blackman. This work will enrich collections of Australian figurative art, fans of Blackman and the ‘kidult’ within. 

Auguste BLACKMAN (1957 - )
'Dystopian' 2013
Polymer paint on Fabriano 200gsm paper.
Image Size: 65 x 50 cm
Dimensions: 65 x 50 cm
Signed: Signed Auguste Blackman left margin.
Comes with Letter of Provenance
Part of the Jungle Chronicles.

Condition: Excellent

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