Charles Blackman 'Alice in Wonderland'

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Among his most well-known bodies of work, the Alice series sees Blackman re-imagine Lewis Carroll's childhood classic. Under Blackman however, the myth is cut with the personal. Associating Alice with his then wife Barbara, Charles sees Alice's disorientating tumble through Wonderland as akin to his wife struggle with deteriorating eyesight. From the 1956 painting, this work epitomises Blackman's knack for merging the sentimental and serious.

One of Australia's most iconic artists, Blackman's work speaks to us all. To live with his visual poetry promises to be an ever-enriching experience for you and your family. For admirers of the artist and his legacy, this work promises an ever-expanding visual journey.
Charles BLACKMAN (1928 - 2018)
'Alice in Wonderland'
Archival pigment print on paper
Image Size: 33 x 29 cm
Paper Size: 38 x 33 cm
Editioned PP (Printers Proof) lower left and embossed with publishers seal lower right
Condition: New
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