Charles Blackman 'Interior'

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From his ‘Golden Era’ for drawing, this work of art comes from a 1965 Rowney Sketchbook and represents a deep dive into Charles Blackman’s practice. It is populated with scenes from his life in London before returning to Australia that year. These impressions are a wink in time - moments of sadness, inspiration or everyday life. Blackman, who frequently dealt with interiors both emotionally and literally, had a knack for imbuing all his subjects with deep symbolism. Here, a day indoors takes on the feeling of being stuck in one’s mind. Direct from the Blackman Family’s private collection, this work is a rare and fascinating insight into the creative mind of one of Australia’s great artists.


Charles BLACKMAN (1928 - 2018)
'Interior' 1965
ink on paper
Image Size: 9 x 14 cm
Signed: Signed 'Blackman'
Comes with Letter of Provenance
From the London Rowney sketchbook collection With Certificate of Authenticity from the artist's eldest son, Auguste Blackman
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Condition: Very Good
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