Charles Blackman 'Schoolgirls in Laneway'

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Schoolgirls in Laneway is perhaps the most recognisable of Charles Blackman’s Schoolgirl series. Marking a distinct shift in his practice, these images follow a lone student through desolate suburbia. Present are themes of vulnerability, alienation and the loss of innocence - reflective of life in an increasingly urbanised postwar Melbourne. Blackman was also inspired by the murder of thirteen year-old Alma Tirtschke in 1921. Conceived in 1953, this deeply evocative image announced Blackman as a serious artist.

One of Australia’s most iconic artists, Charles's work speaks to us all. To live with his visual poetry promises to be an ever-enriching experience for you and your family. Celebrate his inimitable legacy with Schoolgirls in Laneway today.

Charles BLACKMAN (1928 - 2018)
'Schoolgirls in Laneway'
Archival pigment print on paper
Image Size: 35 x 28 cm
Dimensions: 41 x 33 cm
Signed: Editioned lower left and embossed with publisher's seal lower right.

Condition: Excellent

(c) Charles Blackman / Copyright Agency 2024

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