Camille Hannah 'Untitled'

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Contemporary artist Camille Hannah imagines painting within the conceptual framework of technology. Ultra-glossy, fluid and vivid, her brushwork looks digital – evoking a tactility and interactivity associated with screens.

Painted onto plexiglass, ‘Untitled’ is an abstract mass that moves from plum to black. It is amorphous and seductive, asking to be thumbed like an iPad screen and watched like moving pixels. Hannah melds the aesthetic boundary between artificial and analogue.

Hannah has completed a Masters by Research in Fine Art at the University of Melbourne. She is represented across public, corporate and private collections, including at ArtBank. More an object than just a image, ‘Untitled’ is thought-provoking abstraction for the technological age.

Camille HANNAH (1977 - )
oil and acrylic paint on plexiglass
Image Size: 28 x 43 cm
Dimensions: 55 x 46 x 5 cm

Condition: Excellent

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