Charles Blackman 'Crab from the Rainforest',

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In ‘Crab from Rainforest’, Charles Blackman shines his artistic talents on a crab. Abstracted from its habitat, this crab takes on a sculptural form, spreading across the paper like a rorschach test. It is cast in rich blues, reds and purples; at once exuberant and refined.  

Blackman stands among Australia’s most beloved and collectable artists. With a career as distinct as it is diverse, his work is acclaimed for its deep understanding of the human condition. For collectors of prints, Blackman and animal imagery, this work will awe. 

Work of art illustrated is a representative work from the edition. Any number from the edition may be supplied. Due to Blackman's process, there may be slight discrepancies between impressions – contact us to find out more.   

Artist: Charles BLACKMAN, (1928 - 2018)
Title: 'Crab From the Rainforest', 1988
Medium: Screenprint on rice paper
Edition: AP
Image Size: 56 x 80 cm (height x width)
Signed: Signed, titled and editioned in margin
Letter of Provenance: Yes
Condition: Very good. Slight creasing in margin - goes unnoticed due to the 'natural' look and style of paper.