Penelope Davis 'Untitled'

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Initially appearing as a solitary figure in a sea of endless blackness, the jellyfish, upon closer examination, reveals an enigmatic branding of indecipherable letters. The altered jellyfish depicted in this work of art engendered questions about human interaction with the expansive oceans, encapsulating deep-seated worries linked to consumption and the deterioration of the environment.

The artist, Penelope Davis, has generated jellyfish like forms by combining technological debris with organic fragments. Through silicone casts that double as forms, the artist manually stitches these skins together, birthing intricate hybrids reminiscent of jellyfish. ‘Untitled’ encapsulates an arduous endeavour to rekindle an affinity for the natural world, underline our interconnectedness, and underscore the urgency of our collective future.

Davis, hailing from Melbourne, is renowned as a post-photographic artist, renowned for crafting camera-less photographs. Her creations transcend conventional photography, being cameraless photograms or scans capturing light as it refracts through transparent resin casts. Her work is held in numerous collections nationally and internationally, including the National Gallery of Victoria, DC Design China, Victorian College of the Arts and University of Melbourne and private collections within Australia, USA, Europe, China and Japan. This visually intricate and conceptually thought-provoking piece would suit collections focusing on contemporary, environmental and interdisciplinary art.

Penelope DAVIS (1963 - )
'Untitled' 2011
type C print
Image Size: 33 x 30 cm
Dimensions: 48 x 45 x 4 cm
Comes with Letter of Provenance

Exhibited in Smack, Nellie Castan Gallery, Melbourne, 12th May - 11th June 2011.

Condition: Very Good: Describes a work of art's image as Excellent, but may show some small signs of surrounding wear to the frame. 

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