Paula Dawson 'Untitled (Purple)'

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This exquisite watercolour represents a rare inclusion in Paula Dawson’s practice. Working across painting, sculpture and performance, Dawson is primarily known as a pioneer in the field of holograms. In 1980 she created what was then the largest hologram ever made, ‘There’s No Place Like Home’.

What binds this work to Dawson’s experiments in light is its elusiveness. Pigment blooms across the paper, marbling from purple to blue, pink and orange. The effect recalls refracting light, shimmering petri dishes or jellyfish undulating through rainbow water.

Moving between fine art and science, Dawson has worked with MIT Media Lab, CISRO, Zebra Imaging and more, and currently lectures at the University of New South Wales in holography, drawing, sculpture and virtual and spatial images. Her work is held across public institutions including at the National Gallery of Australia.

At the porous boundary between the real and imagined, Dawson’s practice is singular. For collectors of contemporary art, this represents a rare opportunity to bring her world to your wall.

Paula DAWSON (1954 - )
'Untitled (Purple)' 2013
watercolour on paper
Image Size: 23 x 31 cm
Dimensions: 23 x 31 cm
Signed: Signed, dated and dedicated on verso.
Inscribed on verso: For Jan with best wishes Paula. Paula Dawson 24th July 2013

Condition: Excellent

(c) Paula Dawson / Copyright Agency 2024