Tomas Fantl 'Complex Old Soldier Complex'

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Tomas Fantl's art is deeply rooted in keen observations of human behaviour. He skillfully captures human responses, crafting captivating pieces that reflect reactions to various situations, whether in imaginary galleries or political contexts. His unique use of space in his artwork rivals traditional drawing or painting, adding a distinct power to each composition.

In Complex Old Soldier Complex, two main figures convey a unique narrative. The first figure bears the resemblance of a soldier, donning a round hat and smoking a pipe, exuding a sense of authority and experience. The second figure leans casually against a massive pear. The pear, a symbol of abundance and natural beauty, juxtaposes the soldiers stern demeanour, perhaps in defiance of the soldiers complex life.

Complex Old Soldier Complex invites viewers to ponder the intricate interplay between duty, leisure, and the unfinished stories that make up the complex tapestry of life.

Tomas FANTL (1947 - )
'Complex Old Soldier Complex' 1979
screenprint on paper
Edition of 55
Image Size: 65 x 47 cm
Dimensions: 83 x 64 x 3 cm
Signed: Editioned, titled, signed 'Fantl' and dated in lower margin
Comes with Letter of Provenance

Condition: Very Good - Describes a work of art's image as Excellent, but may show some small signs of surrounding wear to paper or frame. There are no tears to paper margin or disruption to the paint surface.

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