Sue Ford 'Metamorphosis'

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Sue Ford's 'Metamorphosis', an emblem of her mastery in Australian feminist photography, artfully weaves cultural heritage and landscape from the Continuum series, embodying Australia's evolving identity, enriched by Fords intimate four-decade photographic journey. This image signifies resilience, echoing the nations rebirth amidst destruction, as architecture and nature harmonize against charred surroundings.

'Metamorphosis' mirrors the coexistence of beauty and gravity, reflecting Australia's intricate socio-cultural voyage, invoking reflection on transformation and continuity through captivating visual poetry—ideal for collections exploring the interplay between cultural identity, landscape, and Australia's ever-shifting heritage essence.

Sue FORD (1943 - 2009)
'Metamorphosis' 2003
archival pigment print on paper
Image Size: 47 x 72 cm
Dimensions: 94 x 72 x 4 cm
Comes with Letter of Provenance

Condition: Good: Describes the average used work of art, where the image is in good condition. The margin may need to be framed out due to markings, corner wear, dog ear, small tears or if framed, the frame may have minor damage

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