Michael Kirkman 'Untitled (Unmasked)'

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Immerse in the delight of this beautifully coloured painting by British artist Michael Kirkman. A Royal College of Art graduate, Kirkman seamlessly marries classical finesse with contemporary brilliance, crafting a nostalgic and surreal experience. The superb hues and whimsical atmosphere transport you into a world where each brushstroke captures the essence of repose.

As Simon Martin, Director of Pallant House Gallery Chichester, observes, Kirkman’s creations "are like memories inscribed, or vignettes of lived experience. Just as one can have detailed memories of particular objects from places we have visited, but no recollection of other aspects, so too Kirkman’s images convey a sense of our selective memory..."

This evocative piece, superbly framed, invites you to revel in unmasked beauty, celebrating life's carnival through Kirkman's profound artistic lens.

Michael KIRKMAN (1986 - )
'Untitled (Unmasked)' 2022
oil on paper
Image Size: 20 x 17 cm
Dimensions: 41 x 37 x 4 cm
Signed: 'Michael Kirkman' lower image.
Comes with Letter of Provenance

Condition: Excellent

(C) The Artist or Assignee