Peter Pinson '1234 Navy'

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Peter Pinson is a highly accomplished artist. His work is inflected by visual puns, a Buddihist sensibility and refined palette. Cut into four parts, this work tells a curious story. Like cubism, which frolics in the suggestive relationships between symbols, Pinson invites you to decode his domestic mystery. What do these parts make-up?

In 1968, Pinson was awarded the NSW Travelling Art Scholarship. He also served as the Senior Education Officer at the National Gallery of Victoria and in 1991, was appointed an Associate Professor at the University of New South Wales, before later becoming Professor. This parallel career in pedagogy underlies Pinson’s art. In his work, there is always a quiet care for the details of ordinary life, as though no facet of being is more important than another.

An empathetic artist and intellectual, Pinson is represented in numerous state collections. He served three terms as President of the Australian Watercolour Institute. For connoisseurs of abstract and important Australian art, Pinson is a deeply rewarding find.

Peter PINSON (1943 - 2017)
'1234 Navy'
screenprint on paper
Edition of 5
Image Size: 25 x 30 cm
Dimensions: 25 x 30 cm
Signed: Signed by the artist
Comes with Letter of Provenance
Condition: Excellent
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