Steve Rosendale 'I Was A Teenage Narcissist'

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A cowboy waits beside a motel pool, the sun throbbing overhead. No one knows why he’s there but they don’t ask, sensing that he has travelled far to find or escape someone. As the afternoon light caramelises, still as a reed, the cowboy tenses. Over the horizon rears a flash of blonde.

Steve Rosendale’s work draws upon the collective memories of popular culture. He sets up enthralling mise-en-scenes, elongating a flicker of film into an entire self-contained universe. A sense lingers that something is happening just beyond the frame; mystery, drama, suspense stew. This is a cinematic subterfuge at its finest.

Since the early 2000s, Rosendale has exhibited regularly across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. A finalist in the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, his work graces the walls of corporate and private collections in Australia and overseas, sparking the imagination of all who view it.

Like memory itself, ‘I was a Teenage Narcissist’ is potent but hard to pin down. It transports us into a time that never really existed; a film we can’t quite remember the end of. For collectors of pop and contemporary art, and cinephiles, ‘I was a Teenage Narcissist’ promises to enthral. 


Steve ROSENDALE (1973 - )
'I Was A Teenage Narcissist'
pigment print on paper
Edition of 120
Image Size: 75 x 50 cm
Dimensions: 95 x 72 cm
Signed: signed, titled and numbered in margin

Condition: Excellent

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