Collector Opportunity - Rare John Olsen Graphics

John Olsen is one of the most sought-after Australian artists still producing work today. Our current collection is an outstanding opportunity to acquire an incredibly rare, original etching by this legendary Australian artist known for his cheeky, gregarious and intelligent depictions of Australian life that exemplify a deep appreciation for and awareness of the Australian mood.

The works on offer are one-of-a kind, Bon A Tirer editioned prints that occupy a unique place within the renowned artist's oeuvre. A Bon A Tirer (French for 'good to pull') is a print proof that is signed by the artist as the proof that meets his/her aesthetic and technical standards. It is used as a guide against for the master printer to print the edition from, and there are usually only one of these prints made per collection. 

Not only are these etchings the epitome of Olsen's elegant, highly detailed style of illustration, but are rare, highly collectible and recognizably iconic.

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