The Bold and the Bright: Hot Art by Cool Artists

As the heat rolls in, seek shade in works by the coolest Australian artists.  With pieces by Jasper Knight, Adam Cullen, Charles Blackman, Nigel Sense and Philippe Le Miere The Bold and the Bright is a kaleidoscope of refreshing art.      

In his works, the jovial Adam Cullen gives Australiana a new twist.  Growler I (orange) sees a wild-eyed sheep dog melt under an orange backdrop, while in Smoking Gun Cullen pitches Ned Kelly as a cowboy of the wild west.  This playfulness carries through to up and coming Philippe Le Miere, who pokes at pop culture.  Leaving the land, Jasper Knight cools off with Blue Tug - where colours reminiscent of icy-poles and public pools are left stark.  Deadset legend, Charles Blackman is also present with his hazy The Meeting and shady Prone Schoolgirl.    

In The Bold and the Bright emerging and well-established artists pitch art that packs punches.  With works set by the sea, on the footy field and under a hills hoist this collection marks a cool change.  So, in the high heat of this summer quench your thirst with the boldest Australian art.  

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