Charles Blackman's Schoolgirls: An Australian Collector Favourite

Charles Blackman’s Schoolgirls series - the iconic image of a schoolgirl, often lost in fantasy - has become one of Australian Art’s favourite characters. Not surprisingly, most of Blackman’s schoolgirls have over the years been snapped up by Australian collectors, or acquired by Museums for exhibition to the public.

This is why the current show at Heide Museum of Modern Art is so significant. Never before has such a comprehensive display of Blackman’s Schoolgirls been brought together under one roof, for the enjoyment of Melbourne’s art lovers.

Our team visited the opening of the show this week, where Auguste Blackman, son of Charles and one of our favourite contemporary artists, recited a beautiful poem by John Shaw Neilson. ‘Schoolgirls Hastening’, it turns out, was the poem that inspired Charles Blackman in his creation of the Schoolgirls series.

In keeping with this heart-felt theme we have decided to put our wonderful collection of Schoolgirl works under the spotlight this week. We have on offer to our collectors a vast selection of works by Charles Blackman, most of which come direct from Charles Blackman's own collection.


Schoolgirls Hastening

By John Shaw Neilson.

Fear it has faded and the night:
 The bells all peal the hour of nine:
The schoolgirls hastening through the light
 Touch the unknowable Divine.

What leavening in my heart would bide!
  Full dreams a thousand deep are there:
All luminants succumb beside
  The unbound melody of hair.

Joy the long timorous takes the flute:
  Valiant with colour songs are born:
Love the impatient absolute
  Lives as a Saviour in the mom.

Get thou behind me Shadow-Death!
  Oh ye Eternities delay!
Morning is with me and the breath
  Of schoolgirls hastening down the way.


Angela & Auguste Blackman.

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