Embracing the Season: Finding Beauty in the Autumnal Transition

Happy Easter! As a holiday that blends religious traditions with more contemporary cultural customs, it is a celebration that brings communities and families together during the turn of the season. While most celebrate the beginning of spring, associated with new life and fertility, Australia and other countries in the Southern hemisphere welcome the autumnal weather. Despite the opposing change, the significance of rebirth and rejuvenation isn’t lost. 

After the whirlwind of activity and heat in summer, autumn heralds a change of pace. While there is merit in lamenting this change, it’s important to see the value in the new season. Moments of introspection and reflection become more common as the day shortens and the time spent inside lengthens. Gatherings with loved ones become a different type of intimate as we begin to meet over warm drinks and hearty meals.

Like during any seasonal change, nature adapts beautifully concurrently with our behavioural adjustments. Autumn brings new tones of reds, oranges and golds as the leaves on trees begin to fall and bonfires are lit to bring warmth to the backyard.

So while you start to chip away at your stockpile of Easter eggs or hot cross buns, be sure to reflect on the value of change and find beauty in a transitional period. Enjoy the respite from work with your loved ones as the autumnal transformation begins. Let the season serve as a reminder that change, however daunting, often leads to new beginnings and enriching experiences.

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