EOFY! | Claim What You Love

The End of Financial Year represents a stellar opportunity to collect art for your office, showroom or home office, with art constituting an instant-asset write-off for some small businesses. To help you make the most of this, we’re going back to basics: how to figure out what art you love. 

On one hand, this question may seem moot – you know what you like because you like it. When it comes to art, however, the story is more complex; not only do we face boundless images, but making sense of your artistic intuition can feel akin to self-discovery. 

Ask questions

To start your journey into the world of art, it’s worthwhile to start with asking some questions: What do I want this work of art for? How much am I willing to spend? I am drawn towards bright colours or moody self-portraits, old or new art? While you won’t know all the answers, setting a rough criteria will help steer you in the right direction.

Plot the course

The art world relishes more than pictures, it celebrates stories. While you don’t need an art history degree to collect art, engaging with the stories behind movements, artists and specific works can help develop your sense of taste.

Engage your senses

Once you’ve set a scope and done some investigating, all that’s left is to look which is where your intuition kicks in. Browse online, go to galleries and start conversations, but don’t let yourself be overrun by other people's opinions. Developing a sense of taste is uniquely personal. 

We’re experts in art not tax. Consult your accountant to see whether you’re eligible for tax-deductible art.

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