Fine Art meets Fine Furniture

July 2016 

Fine Art meets Fine Furniture

Contemporary interior design goes live with a new exhibition from Angela Tandori Fine Art and Cosh Living.  

From July, Cosh Living in Collingwood will exhibit a collection of fine art from Angela Tandori Fine Art.  This carefully curated range spans the up-and-coming Fabrice Bigot, through to absolute icon Charles Blackman.

Since 2008, Cosh Living has specialised in high-end furniture from a selection of international and local designers.  Now, alongside Angela Tandori Fine Art a series of fine artworks will be displayed in their Collingwood showroom.

Among works exhibited will be crisp pieces from Peter Bainbridge, striking photographs from Christopher Rimmer and high-impact painting from Jasper Knight.

This collaboration encourages people to experience fine art in their ‘dream home’.  It is an experiment in imagination - an opportunity to envision how fine art can enhance the most stylish of decor.

View the Cosh Living Website 

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