A Beginner's Guide: How to start collecting art

So you want to collect art - but where to start?  

Starting an art collection can seem intimidating.  It might feel like wading into an icy ocean, with only the glow of far-off art to keep you warm.  But, it doesn’t have to.  Having your own art collection opens a mint of benefits - it can be good for your home, your mind and most importantly, your soul.  There’s a thrill and pleasure to hunting down art that isn’t out reach - no matter your budget or expertise.  To help ease you in, we’ve compiled five insider tips for starting an art collection.

1) Ask yourself: Why do you want to start an art collection?  

People buy art for many reasons - some of which suit the burgeoning collector more than others.  Buying art as investment is challenging.  Values fluctuate, so it may be difficult to predict the market.  Likewise, so is collecting art to stay ‘on trend’.  Who knows what’ll be the next ‘big thing’?  That leaves collecting art for the love of art.  Which frankly, is the most fun.  Enjoy building a collection that reflects, inspires or challenges you.

2) Research, research, research

Allow yourself the luxury of discovering art you love.  Take time to visit galleries, museums and surf the web.  Our website contains our entire collection - ready to be scrolled through.  To keep up with all upcoming collections and artists, you can also connect with us via our e-newsletter, instagram or facebook.   

3) Set a Budget

With the art market as vast as it is, finding art to suit your budget is surprisingly within reach.  Sometimes however, our taste exceeds our immediate budget.  If you fall for a work beyond your means, don’t fret too much - there are options.  Original graphics can be an affordable collectable alternative to paintings.  At Angela Tandori Fine Art, we also offer layby and ArtMoney services.  When it comes to art - setting a budget is wise, but sometimes, so is not settling.

4) Be a clever collector

Since the art world may be new territory, staying savvy is key.  Ensure your vendor is trusted - read reviews and check their accreditations.  Angela Tandori for example, is a member of the Art Consulting Association of Australia.  Plus, we offer letters of provenance with all purchases of original art.  Another good idea is to ask questions.  Afterall, any good art dealer should be happy to help!  

5) Let it hang

So you’ve just unpacked your first work of art.  Congratulations!  All that’s left is to hang or prop it up in the home.  Then kick back and enjoy the view, you’re officially an art collector!

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