Shaike Snir

B. 1952


Shaike Snir is an artist, master printmaker and art dealer. Born in Israel, his foray into art began during his compulsory military service, where he served as a photographer. He then studied photography, before eventually discovering printmaking. In 1978 Snir opened his own gallery in Tel Aviv and became the agent and publisher for esteemed artist Yosl Bergner. Under Bergner’s eye, Snir started painting.


Snir relocated to Australia 1987. Here he enjoyed a rich career, exhibiting at numerous galleries including at the Jewish Museum of Australia. He was also the master printmaker for preeminent artists including Lin Onus, David Rankin, Frank Hodginkson, Rick Amor, Deborah Halpern, Victor Majzer and David Larwill. Indeed, Snir’s talent for screenprinting was so brilliant that in some cases, he was considered not only a work’s technical facilitator but its part creator. 


Snir’s own practice is eclectic. Unbridled by a prescribed style, he experiments with all art genres, drawing upon his art history pedagogy to participate (and play) in the dialogue of aesthetics. He values chance – a phenomena intrinsic to printmaking. In the space between applying paint onto a plate and pulling an impression, lies an infinity of possible variations. “After a while the print will take us somewhere unexpected”, reflects Snir.


Similarly, he perceives his life as a cacophony of serendipities – events which took him from the Israeli military to Melbourne, where he resides as an artist, art dealer and, as cited in the National Gallery of Australia, master printmaker.

Shaike Snir
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