Victor Majzner 'Late Afternoon'

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Flowers are with us in the best and worst of times. They commemorate a milestone, console a loss, betray the changing of seasons and wilt, a harbinger of disease. In his series of flowers, acclaimed Jewish-Australian artist Victor Majzner considers this brevity of symbolism. He reflects that “Flowers play a significant part in every human rite of passage”.

In ‘Late Afternoon’, a buttery European flower coils above the Australian landscape; a disembodied hand and hat emanating from its core. This is a metaphor for the European colonisation of Aboriginal peoples: “Even the gift of flowers can be treacherous”, says Majzner. There is also a warning here to heed the threat humans pose against the environment.

The presence of a hat links to Majzner’s Jewish heritage. Not only have migrant Jewish communities been the backbone of the garment industry, but the artist also perceives an analogy between concealing clothing and the Jewish experience.

Late Afternoon’, which recalls a tarot card, foretells of good and bad tidings. It reminds of a violent history, while proffering some optimism. As day opens into night, the stars reveal themselves, giving us the opportunity to heal and make new connections.

An accomplished artist, Majzner is represented in numerous public collections, including at the National Gallery of Australia, the National of Victoria and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. For collectors of surrealist and socially conscious art, let ‘Late Afternoon’ open your collection’s horizons.

Victor MAJZNER (1945 - )
'Late Afternoon' 1991
screenprint on paper
Edition of 40
Image Size: 69 x 50 cm
Dimensions: 76 x 56 cm
Signed: Signed, dated, titled and numbered in pencil in margin below image: 29/40 Late Afternoon V. Majzner 1991
Comes with Letter of Provenance

Condition: Excellent.

(c) The Artist or Assignee