Philippe Le Miere 'Classic Cult Horror Attack Shark Movie Jaws'

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When one gazes upon this work, a thrum of dread ensues: dun, dun, dun. A true cinema classic, when Jaws crashed onto screens it took a chunk out of the popular imagination, forever shifting what we fear lurks beneath the surface.

In his work, Philippe Le Miere investigates icons of popular culture. Reduced, remixed and recollected, his Block-Busters at once invite nostalgia and questioning. Why is ‘Jaws’ so iconic? What does fear say about our deepest desires?

‘Classic Cult Horror Attack Shark Movie Jaws’ is a pochoir (posh-waar) print. Emerging in late nineteenth-century Paris, pochoir printmaking sees an artist layer and hand-colour each component of their image. Unmechanised, this process gives each edition its own ‘aura’ while also requiring serious time and skill. Indeed, by the 1930s pochoirs had all but died under the rise of more efficient, mechanised printing techniques. It was master printmaker Jeffrey Makin who first linked Le Miere’s experimental process with the forgotten early twentieth-century practice. For Le Miere, working by hand represents a critical counterpoint to his subject matter. Where mainstream cinema is technologically immaculate, Le Miere’s work is fluid, textural and deliciously idiosyncratic. Layers of paint disturb a perfect surface, registering like man-made pixels. Once employed by Matisse and Picasso and revived by Le Miere, the pochoir unites art and the artisanal to give each work the feel of an original painting.

Philippe LE MIERE (1975 - )
'Classic Cult Horror Attack Shark Movie Jaws' 2020
acrylic on paper
Edition of 50
Image Size: 34 x 26 cm
Dimensions: 42 x 30 cm
Signed: Signed, titled and editioned in margin
Comes with Letter of Provenance

Condition: Excellent

© The Artist or Assignee

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