Artists in the Company of Cats

From ancient myths to modern art, explore the timeless bond between humans and their feline companions. 

Ann Rado 'Be alert, not alarmed'

Humans have maintained a lasting fascination with cats, spanning over centuries. The elusive felines have appeared in the mythologies and belief systems of various cultures. In ancient Egypt, they were revered as sacred and associated with the goddess Bastet. In Japanese folklore, the beckoning cat, or Maneki-neko, is a symbol of good luck and prosperity.  

Beyond myth and legend, cats have a presence in art and literature like no other animal. Serving as inspiration for artists and writers alike, these enigmatic creatures have left an indelible mark on the creative world. Their graceful mystery continues to enchant and fascinate, ensuring that cats will remain a timeless muse for generations to come.

Perhaps from their knowledge of their place in human culture, cats have an innate sense of pride that is unmistakable in their demeanor. With regal poise and an air of self-assuredness, they exude an aura of quiet confidence. This feline pride is not merely vanity; it's a reflection of their independent nature and their ability to gracefully navigate their surroundings.

Erwin Fabian   'Monumental Cats'

Enhancing their air of mystery, cats are celebrated for their companionship despite their renowned independence. After their confident explorations, the felines return to their home lovingly to offer moments of affection and connection. In the sanctuary of our homes, they bring warmth and solace, and through their independent spirit, they inspire us to embrace our individuality.

Erwin Fabian 'Bon Voyage from Ursula'

Their presence in our lives, whether as furry confidants or artistic muses, serves as a reminder of the enduring bond between two species, where companionship and independence harmoniously coexist. As we continue to share our world with these graceful creatures, their captivating mystique endures, ensuring that the story of humans and cats remains an eternal tale of connection, mystery, and unwavering affection.

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