What to consider when buying art as a gift.
Art can be the ultimate gift. It can say anything you like, whether that’s an I love you, a happy Mother’s Day wish, a congratulations on graduation, or a welcome to your new home. Nailing the ins and outs of giving art however, can prove elusive. So to help you give with ease and impact, here’s a brief guide to hunting down the ideal gift of art.

First off, who are you buying for?

There are three things to consider when mulling this question over – how do I know this person, why am I celebrating them and what do I want the gift to reflect about me. Essentially, buying a gift for your partner, won’t match a gift for a new boss.  
Nudes can represent a deft declaration of love, while landscapes say enough without giving too much away. Spread across a wall, a sublime vista for example, says some strong, universal yet undetermined. If you’re at a loss for inspiration, there’s the eternally symbolic floral painting. Simple, expressive and an aesthetic delight – it can be the best kind of birthday bouquet. Or, go for something contemporary and quirky. Bonding over life in the twenty-first century makes for not only interesting conversation, but also an interesting gift.

Where is your present heading?

If your recipient lives far away, shipping a work of art can seem tricky. The easiest and most affordable works to ship are photographs and prints. They can simply roll up, slot into a crush-proof tube and ship worldwide – easy!

If you’re still stuck on what to buy, we recommend  our Gift Cards. More than just a voucher, our Gift Cards represent the joyous gift of art on the recipient's terms. Either way, try not to fret too much. Gift giving ought to after all, be fun.